Need Java Developers?

If you require versatile Java developers for an upcoming software project, Dorset Software has the resources to turn your vision into reality.

Our experienced team of Java consultants is available to assist on-site, anywhere in the UK.

They're the perfect fit for any organisation with a programming skills gap, entirely comfortable working with a wide array of industry sectors, technologies and locations.

Urgent deployment is available on request, so please contact us today for more information on the services available.

Dorset Software consultants: key benefits

  • Our developers are trained to world-class standards by senior staff boasting many decades of business software experience. In addition, all new employees undertake a unique four-month programme of intensive learning before commencing active development.
  • We provide reliable continuity of service for your business. Because we maintain a pool of development talent, we're able to react quickly to changes in your requirements. Therefore, urgent needs for additional resources or swifter deployment can be easily met.
  • Our people boast an average of over 5 years' commercial expertise, and that's across a range of sectors including engineering, government, finance, retail and pharmaceuticals.
  • We have the right people for your project , equally adept in a variety of workplace roles. Our developers have led teams, acted under direct instruction, completed projects individually and built consensus as part of a group.
  • Our developers relish the opportunity to be flexible, pro-actively adopting new approaches as each project demands. If a switch of technology is required mid-production, we're nimble enough to adapt to this change.
  • All staff are employed permanently by Dorset Software and have their accommodation and living expenses catered for, during their stay. Therefore, our software developers' attention is focused wholly on your project for the duration of their stay.
  • We are multi-talented. Besides possessing exemplary Java skills, our staff arrive fully trained in a variety of alternative technologies and languages including HTML, C#, VB.NET, VB6, C++, Objective-C, JavaScript and Microsoft SQL Server. We are also a certified Microsoft Gold Software Development Partner.

Ever wondered how much Java development costs?

Why not take a look at our Java development cost estimate calculator.

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