Business Analysis

Dorset Software has experience in providing a range of business analysis consultancy services.

We work with clients to help them to understand their business and system requirements, consider alternative options for solutions, determine whether projects should be undertaken, and which processes can be automated.

Requirements Gathering

Dorset Software consultants work with the client to document a potential project's scope and vision: user classes are identified and business requirements are defined, elicited, structured, validated and documented. A Requirements Specification is the result of this process.

Feasibility Study

Our consultants work with each client to determine whether a particular development project should go ahead. The potential costs and benefits are identified and analysed to determine whether the project makes financial sense. Our consultants help clients to evaluate all alternatives.

Business Process Management (BPM) and Workflow

We work with clients to help map the organisation's business processes and workflow. Our consultants identify which processes can be automated and whether business rules and proactive alerts can be utilised.