System Design and Analysis

Once a specification has been written we work with clients to consider system design and analysis, providing consultancy on:

System Design

Based on a requirements specification, we develop a prototype which outlines the main screens envisaged. During design sessions, the client's representatives have the opportunity to create an application that meets their exact requirements. This is an iterative process and several design sessions may be required before the prototype is finalised. A Technical System Design (TSD) document is produced at the end of the process. The TSD provides both clients and programmers with an inclusive definition of the system.

Infrastructure and Integration

Dorset Software undertakes analysis of each client's existing systems and, based on the specification, we advise on hardware and networking requirements. We also consider the interoperability with existing systems and define the interface between the systems.


Dorset Software defines the architecture of a new solution based on the requirements specification. Utilising an n-tier concept, different layers are considered e.g. a database layer, a business rules layer, and a presentation layer.

The database design is a fundamental element of the architecture. Dorset Software produces a comprehensive database design to create a fully normalised database with referential integrity. We also advise on the best software to fulfil the requirements specification.

Data Migration

Dorset Software works with clients to investigate their existing systems and research how to best extract data from these systems. Once data is extracted data cleaning may be necessary. We also design the import mechanism to bring the data into the new database structure.


Dorset Software offers help desk services to clients. Clients phone, email or fax their problems or queries and we operate a system of Incident Reports that manages client communications. All observations raised are logged and we reply to all Incident Reports received within the same day. We have a wide range of skills and experience and this, in conjunction with our established procedures, enables us to respond to all queries. We currently provide support services to a number of our large clients, including NHS Resolution, Wandsworth Borough Council, the Joint Nature Conservation Committee, and the International Oil Pollution Committee.