Costs and Timescales

Dorset Software has a 100% record of delivering custom software applications on time and within budget.

Our experience and the development methodology we use, make it easier for us to successfully predict the time and cost to develop a software solution.

Initially we will offer a fixed price quote for the Requirements Gathering phase of the solution development. Following the completion of this phase, or if this stage is not necessary if a detailed specification is already available, a fixed price quote is given for the design phase and an estimate is given for the build and deployment phases.

Once the design of the solution is produced, a fixed price quote and timescale for completing the development is provided.

Dorset Software's willingness to give fixed price quotations for custom software development is notably rare in the market. We think it is important for clients to know what the development will cost and how long it will take, and they tell us how much they appreciate it!