Dorset Software Services Ltd is an ISO 9001 certified corporation, committed to providing clients with products and services which comply in all respects to specifications and orders.

Our organisational goals are that quality shall be inherent in the products and services supplied, and that a policy of continual improvement is maintained throughout the Company. Quality is an integral part of our software development process, formalised through a set of quality procedures. These procedures cover all activities in our project methodology, from initial requirements gathering to final delivery acceptance by the client. Every stage of the software lifecycle is covered by our quality procedures and we continually strive to improve our quality standards, updating our policy in order to reflect the latest industry standards and best practices.

We have built our business around quality management concepts, incorporating rigorous processes and robust project management controls and techniques to ensure delivery of the highest quality results to our clients. Thus we ensure that each stage of the development process is undertaken to the same standards, resulting in the quotation of realistic time-scales and costs to which we adhere.

The scope of ISO 9001 covers:

  • the design, development and support of software turnkey solutions.
  • the provision of client managed consultancy services.