Dorset Software launches new product

7 October 2015

IT Systems Management (ITSM) programme gets under way for Dorset Software clients

Clients are benefitting from a greater understanding of the services available and more control over the efficiency of their systems after Dorset Software’s launch of their new ITSM programme.

The features of the programme include a comprehensive IT system review based on four key factors and a transparent framework for the future to ensure changing business goals continue to be met. The factors taken into account at review stage comprise the various needs of the stakeholders, the functionality of the current system, the system’s environment, and any historical information available.

Developed as part of the company’s drive to continuously improve customer experience Dorset Software’s ITSM programme is now available for both new and existing customers.

If you’re interested in joining the growing number of clients already on the programme, or have questions regarding what’s available contact us.