ISTQB diversifies product portfolio

23 February 2016

Leading software testing certification provider enhances offerings

Following its General Assembly in October of last year, the International Software Testing Qualifications Board has introduced new modules to its syllabus in response to changing trends in testing.

The expansion gives testing professionals additional opportunities to develop their skills in distinct areas, benefitting development teams and fine-tuning testing best practices and methodologies.

ISTQB’s modules are now split into three categories: Core, Agile, and Specialist. While the Core modules encompass most of ISTQB’s earlier offerings, the Agile and Specialist streams cover their respective areas to a much deeper extent than the testing certification authority has previously provided.

The Agile stream sees two Advanced level modules being added, while four new modules fall under the Specialist stream: two Foundation extensions and two Advanced. Possible further modules may also be introduced to support other quality characteristics or application domain.

Alongside the expansion of modules, comes a more structured hierarchy of qualifications where exams must be taken in order, from Foundation to Advanced through to Expert.

If you’re a student or recent graduate interested in systems development specialising in testing, with opportunities to gain ISTQB qualifications, visit our careers site to find out more.