Visual Studio 2015 released

20 July 2015

Microsoft has recently announced the release of their new and improved Visual Studio package, introducing key changes in application development and new opportunities for business

A widely used product for most software developers, Microsoft Visual Studio is a vast and inclusive collection of tools and services that enables the creation of computer programmes and applications.

New features of the product include: the ability to develop cross-mobile apps for iOS and Android; universal Windows apps, compatible with the upcoming Windows 10, which will run the same app on multiple devices; additional APIs resulting in a wider range of coding possibilities; an updated framework to support modern cloud-based apps; and a better method of previewing an end-user’s experience while in the development stage.

The focus of these features reflect the changing usage of applications and technology in general. With the rise of cloud-based apps and the usage of mobiles and tablets to access the internet, Microsoft knows it is paramount that businesses can harness this audience and benefit from its full potential.

These additions, among others, are designed to produce cutting edge applications to maximise businesses potential and give more control to the client earlier in the system development.