Project Management Methodology

Using ISO 9001 accredited project management structure and methodology, we encourage clients to play an active role throughout the development cycle.

This partnership approach ensures that the client is fully aware of current progress at all stages. As a result, the client is assured that the system meets all user requirements.

Project management is shared between the Account Manager and the Team Leader, splitting the tasks into areas of expertise. The Account Manager deals with client liaison, while the Team Leader is responsible for the technical approach. The client therefore, only deals with one person, minimising the possibility of communication errors.

Our project management methodology is proven to deliver solutions consistently, regardless of the project size.


The client must attend the design sessions and must provide the appropriate personnel in order to provide suitable feedback during systems development; this should include a project manager, a technical member and senior user and someone with budgetary authority. The client is responsible for signing off the Technical Systems Design (TSD) for the build phase and for carrying out extensive user testing.

Account Manager

The Account Manager is responsible for client liaison and communication, ensuring that the client is aware of the progress of the project and ensuring that they are ready to receive the completed solution. The Account Manager deals with the business aspects of the project, including ensuring project compatibility with organisational goals and meeting deadlines. Along with Team Leader, the Account Manager is responsible for gathering the requirements for the new system and writing tender responses. Regular meetings between the Account Manager and the Team Leader help ensure the success of the project.

Team Leader

The Team Leader is an experienced consultant with broad technical and managerial skills and is responsible for the technical aspects of the project. During the design phase the Team Leader is responsible for designing the initial prototype, demonstrating it during the design session and recording the changes required to the prototype. In the build phase, the Team Leader is responsible for instructing the programmers within the team, monitoring the programmers' progress and ensuring that the project runs on time. Regular update meetings are held with the Account Manager.

Development Team

The development team are intelligent and analytical programmers who use the latest tools and technologies to develop the application. Each developer undertakes their assigned development tasks and works with the Team Leader to solve any issues. Within the development team experienced QA consultants are responsible for testing the solution.