Recruitment Strategy

It is Dorset Software's policy only to recruit the brightest, analytical graduates from the UK's top universities. Candidates are selected according to academic record and interview performance.

All recruits are required to complete an initial comprehensive and structured training programme and are mentored by senior technical staff or team leaders. After initial training, junior staff continue to be supervised by more senior staff. All employees receive continual training to make sure they are kept up-to-date with the latest technical advances and technologies.

We believe our staff are our future: they are the managers and team leaders of tomorrow. By handpicking the brightest graduates around the country in the search for intelligence, motivation and the ability to learn, and then training them within the company we can ensure that we can offer the best developers and consultants.

All staff employed by Dorset Software are trained to the same standards and possess similar development skills. Staff are assigned to a project based on client requirements. We believe we are then able to provide a higher-value service through employees that fit better both with your organisational culture and your representatives.

Since all staff are permanently employed by Dorset Software, whether they are working at our offices or at a client site they have access to the whole pool of developers, senior developers and team leaders employed by the company. An extensive knowledge base, an intranet and a well-stocked library all add to the support available to employees.