User Interface & User Experience Design

We take a design led approach to application development. Our design team includes user interface, user experience and application development experts who focus on creating engaging design concepts and intuitive prototypes.

We work very closely with you through a step-by-step process to improve and enhance a system's design. The finished product combines aesthetic appeal with the crucial ergonomic functionality necessary within a thriving workplace.

Design skills and technologies at Dorset Software are wide-ranging, but include Adobe Photoshop, Indesign, Flash and Premiere Elements expertise, besides many years of Microsoft Visual Studio experience.

Our User Experience consultants are also available to work alongside your own staff on-site during internal software development projects. Please contact our account management team for further information.

There are 3 main elements to our UI and UX service:

  • Design Concepts: Our design team works with you to determine high level business and user interface requirements. We then produce design concepts and work with you to refine these concepts.
  • Proof of Concepts: While Design Concepts gives you blue-sky freedom to be creative, our Proof of Concepts service means that we can work with you to determine the feasibility of new ideas.
  • Prototyping: We take the Design Concepts a stage further and produce a full prototype. This provides you with a very detailed view of a new system, and typical user pathways through it.

These rapid development services allow you to develop and prove new concepts in very short timescales and on a limited budget.