Government Sector

Dorset Software develops bespoke software solutions with a 100% track record of delivering projects on time and to an agreed budget.

Local government organisations rely on bespoke software solutions from Dorset Software.

The solutions deal with issues and needs specific to this sector including:

  • Improving transparency
  • Enhancing accountability
  • Ensuring the health and safety of staff, visitors and contractors
  • Increasing efficiency
  • Facilitating interoperability
  • Compliance with complex Health and Safety regulations
  • Improving and protecting the lives of citizens
  • Facilitating comparisons and performance measurement
  • Aiding collaboration
  • Reducing waste and increasing opportunities for recycling
  • Connecting geographically disparate offices or sites
  • Ensuring achievement of egov and tgov objectives
  • Satisfying the requirements of a diverse group of stakeholders including politicians, members, officers, staff and the general public
  • Providing visibility over decisions, action and issues
  • Producing information and statistics for Central Government
  • Providing security controls and ensuring data protection
  • Business-critical hardware/software support

We work with a number of local government clients including:

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