Microsoft’s first UK data centres open

13 September 2016

Microsoft gains on cloud-hosting rival

Last week Microsoft announced the arrival of its first UK cloud computing data centres. Currently trailing Amazon’s cloud services in popularity, Microsoft’s launch gives it the edge in the UK data centre race between the two companies. Although other providers of cloud hosting currently operate in the UK, the two larger firms tend to bring greater advantages to customers. Amazon’s more mature rival service, AWS, is not due to open its first UK data centres until later this year or early 2017.

Businesses with stringent privacy regulations will be substantially affected by the introduction of the UK centres. This includes public sector organisations (the BBC has reported that the Ministry of Defence and the NHS Trust are “among those set to adopt the internet-powered products”) and companies within banking and legal services.

As well as faster performance through improved latency, the new data centres offer strong data sovereignty to local users. This means their data stays within the UK and its jurisdiction. Microsoft’s recent win in its lawsuit against the US Government over a warrant for a customer’s data only strengthens its position as a company putting its clients’ confidentiality first.

For organisations looking to make the move to cloud, there are certainly many factors to take into account, including the supplier. Having helped clients successfully migrate to the hosting service most suitable for them, Dorset Software is available for advice and consultancy for businesses making the switch. Contact us to find out more about the services we offer.