RM Education

RM Education is the leading provider of ICT software, services and infrastructure to the UK education market. It maintains a reputation for exploiting the capacity of technology to improve teaching and learning.

It wanted a company that could provide development expertise, could respond very quickly to requests for temporary skilled developers and with which RM could build a long-term relationship.

RM was beginning to master a new development skillset, while enjoying high demand for its services. To bolster its efforts and help keep projects running to schedule, RM needed a source of development expertise in the new tools and technologies.

The IS department also needed flexible resources to complement its in-house, permanent development team. RM turned to the market to identify a company that could provide experienced and proficient temporary developers. It needed to be able to access reliable, skilled developers on demand.

RM wanted a company to provide development expertise, to respond very quickly to requests for temporary skilled developers, and with which it could build a long-term relationship.

Chris Clements, IS Director at RM explains the choice: “We selected Dorset Software as they provided a guaranteed source of technical quality. We wanted to build a relationship with a company which invests in its resources, training its staff not only in development skills but also in ‘softer’ skills and Dorset Software proved ideal. Even though our requirements have changed we still continue to use Dorset Software.”

Using Dorset Software developers has brought many benefits to RM. “Using developers from Dorset Software, as and when we need them, allows us to work to capped budgets and easily manage the peaks and troughs of demand. It is an effective way of recruiting highly skilled, temporary development resources.”

He adds “Working with Dorset Software helps us to achieve seamless continuity: to ensure the machine keeps working and the wheels keep turning. It also enables us to increase productivity and guarantee that projects will be completed on time.”


Technology Snapshot

At RM Education, Dorset Software consultants have employed a range of technologies including ASP.NET, C#, SQL Server and SSIS.


“We have chosen to carry on using Dorset Software Developers as and when we need temporary development resources and will continue to do so.”

Chris Clements, Director, RM Education